Compatible Concrete Repair, as a responsible PCBU persons conducting a business or undertaking, are committed to the aim of providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and for visitors to the workplace.

We recognise that maintaining the highest possible standards of health and safety is a key management responsibility.

In fulfilling this aim we are committed to regular consultation with workers on health and safety issues.

CCR promise to provide the necessary time, energy and resources in order to:

  • Provide and maintain safe plant and systems of work
  • Develop, monitor and maintain systems for the safe use, handling, storage and transportation of plant and substances.
  • Keep the workplace in a safe and healthy condition.
  • Provide adequate staff welfare facilities.
  • Provide suitable information, training and supervision for all employees.

We are responsible for the implementation and monitoring of this program. It is our duty to ensure to the best of our ability that we and our staff meet all of our obligations under occupational health and safety legislation.

We will undertake regular assessments to identify hazards, asses the risks involved and implement control measures as necessary, in so doing we will develop, monitor and modify as necessary a health and safety program taking into account all aspects of the workplace.

We are obliged to take reasonable care of ourselves and others in the workplace, we will undertake to Co-operate with all health and safety provisions agreed to by me and employees.

We will not take shortcuts likely to cause injury or illness to ourselves or others in the workplace

We will not bypass or misuse systems or equipment provided for safety or health reasons, we will also undertake to report or rectify any unsafe conditions which come to our attention.

This policy will be regularly reviewed to take account of new legislation and organisational changes, we will seek the Co-operation of all employees in fulfilling our health and safety commitments, all employees will be advised in writing of agreed changes and arrangements for their implementation.


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