As a contractor of specialised building applications and services to the local market, CCR are completely committed to the preservation of the environment and resolving environmental issues influencing the community.

This environmental policy provides employees and the wider community to CCR’s level of environmental awareness and direction that is in line with community expectations and legal requirements. CCR aims to comply with all relevant environmental legislation by ensuring that sound environmental systems are in place.

This policy is applicable to all CCR employees, contractors and workplaces as well as the public, if required.

CCR has undertaken a commitment to:

  • Conserve, monitor and reduce energy and water usage
  • Promote recycling of waste materials or reuse where possible
  • Reduce the level of general waste in workshops and on-site

  • Comply with environmental law and other regulatory requirements

CCR is committed to the continual improvement of the Environmental Management System and to prevent pollution to land, air or water. CCR believe as a good corporate citizen it is our duty to be environmentally responsible. This will be achieved by setting objectives and targets that shall be reviewed at regular intervals.

Management and employees shall be made aware of their responsibilities and will be provided with the knowledge skills and resources to meet our obligations. It is the responsibility of all CCR employees to support and comply with the Environmental Policy and procedures pertaining to their activities within the company. All employees shall be suitably trained to ensure that they can perform the required tasks in support of this Environmental Policy.

CCR takes very seriously its environmental responsibility and will take disciplinary action against individuals who fail to comply with these obligations.


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