CCR can supply and install all manner of remedial wall ties and crack stitching to brickwork. Typically, wall type (e.g. solid, cavity or masonry veneer) and composition will dictate which particular system will be required to provide an effective wall or pinning tie solution.

Commonly, problems involving the tying of cavity or veneer walls with large cavities or unusual material combinations will require a combination of dry fix or chemical fixed ties.

Remedial ties showing the finished product

Among the many types of coatings applied are; Epoxy Resins, Silanes, Acrylics, Polyurethanes, and Cementitious materials.

These coatings are sprayed, rolled or brushed for a variety of reasons including corrosion protection, waterproofing, decorative and mechanical protection.


Masonry may move and crack for a variety of reasons. Seismic events are one cause. Foundation movement resulting from shrinkage and heave in foundation soils is another. Cracks may also continue to move and develop as a result of on-going seismic activity and cyclical wet and dry, hot and cold environmental conditions.

Industrial protective coating applications

Crack stitching addresses the problem by reintroducing structural integrity and redistributing structural loads along the masonry to minimise further developments of the crack which may occur with simple injection methods.