Epoxy floor coatings are a durable and widely customisable decorative and seamless flooring solution, no longer restricted to simply industrial flooring.

CCR specialise in safety rated, non-slip, high performance flooring applications ranging from;

  • • Garages/ Workshops. Domestic and Commercial
  • • Kitchens
  • • Food Preparation Areas
  • • Bath Houses
  • • Manufacturing and Processing Plants
  • • Chemical Storage Areas

Examples of Epoxy Floor Coatings

CCR are experienced applicators for all epoxy, cementitious and polymer based flooring and with detailed surface preparation, extensive product knowledge and vast industry experience, CCR can achieve a wide range of High Performance Flooring options to suit any performance criteria.

Epoxy floor coatings were once thought of simply for industrial purposes, but in recent times they have been used as highly durable and attractive flooring solution for hotels, casinos, and even residential purposes. The ability to apply top coatings that are resistant to abrasion and chemical wear make them ideal for medical practices and all types of industrial work.

Epoxy flooring in progress


Crack injection is a proven method to repair cracks in concrete, and CCR utilise two different methods of injection to repair cracks.

1. Pressure injection can be used in vertical or overhead surfaces. Using injection flanges placed at regular intervals, a two-part low viscosity epoxy resin is pressure injected into the injection points, sealing the crack.

Epoxy crack repair in progress and completed

2. Gravity feed can be used on floor cracks using the low viscosity properties of the epoxy resin to inject (feed) the crack. The surface of the crack is ground out or a sealant placed around the crack to form a dam to feed the crack and constantly topped up as resin is fed into it. Both these methods are proven and successful applications for repairing cracks to concrete.